Process Equipment

API Heat Transfer
- Basco, Schmidt-Bretten, Airtech Divisions
- Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
- Plate & Frame, Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
- TEMA and Special Designs 
- Surface Condensers, Gland Condensers

Chand Eisenmann Metallurgical
- Sintered Porous Metal Media
- Filtration, Sparging, Flow Control
- Flame Arrestors
- Stack Sampling Filters

Circle S Products
- Dry-Flo Moisture Separators, Coalescers
- Receivers

Schutte & Koerting
- Vacuum Jet Ejectors and Systems
- Multi-Stage Vacuum Systems
- Gland Condenser Packages
- Liquid and Solids Handling Eductors
- Process Gas Scrubbers
- Steam Spargers and Heaters