Process Equipment

Advanced Micro Instruments
- Oxygen Gas Analyzers and Transmitters 
- TDL Moisture Analyzers         
- H2S Analyzers
- Natural Gas Applications

Dia-Vac Gas Sample Pumps
- Available for Explosion Proof Areas
- Various corrosion resistant materials        
- Multiple Head configurations available
- Heated Head option

Delta Instrument
- Dewpoint / Moisture Measurements
- BTU Heating Value, Wobbe Index and Gas Calorimeters
- Fuji Heated In-Situ Oxygen Analyzers
- EPA Approved Emission Analyzers

United Process Controls (Marathon)
- High Temperature In-Situ Oxygen Probes
- Heat Treat Carbon Potential Probes
- Furnace Controls

Scott Safety
- Oxygen Deficiency Analyzers
- Toxic Gas Area Monitors
- Combustible Gas Area Monitors
- Flame Detection Systems

Siemens Industry
- Process Gas Analyzers
- Paramagnetic O2, Hydrogen, FID
- Infrared CO, CO2, CH4, NOx, SO2 & more
- Laser Based In-Situ, Ammonia Slip 

Universal Analyzers Inc.
- Gas Sample Coolers and Conditioners
- Heated Stack Probes

- Non Contact IR Temperature Systems
- Measured Emissivity
- Single, Dual, and Multi-Wavelength Pyrometers
- Fiber Optics